Car Modification Tips: Give the car an aesthetic look and high performance!

Some people like to decorate their hobby cars. Fancy people change their cars completely and make it different. Someone rearranges their old car. As well as looking beautiful, many people rub new parts and make new ones. In this way, the old car also became much more modern. Starting from increasing the power of the engine of the car, additional lights are installed inside and outside the car. Many people use holler to increase the sound of driving. Surprising to hear, it is true that some modifications made by people in cars do not allow them to drive on the road again. In that case, it is better not to make those changes.

The modal name of this modernization method of the car is car modification. How are the modifications of those vehicles? How is it done? Let’s see –

1. Development of suspension

In some countries, you can adjust the height of your car, but in most countries changing the suspension is completely illegal. But when the suspension is changed after buying the car, the performance of the car becomes much better. And when you do suspension work on your car, you will have fun driving and controlling the car yourself. And when you go to a race with a car, you will feel the development of this suspension of the car, you will feel that the money spent on the suspension has been recovered.

Car suspension.

2. Turbocharger and supercharger

Connecting turbochargers and superchargers to cars is another popular great thing for car modifications. This increases the performance of the engine by forcing air into the engine. As the performance of the engine increases, more smoke comes out. Turbochargers and superchargers are valid if the vehicle does not have any problems. California has very strict environmental pollution laws. In that case, you need to improve the smoke emission area of ​​your car. This is because in some countries the engine of a car is not certified unless the smoke emission area is improved. Again you will not get a discount even during the smoke check.


3. Sport seat addition

For a new car racer, getting a sports seat in a normal car is a great idea. And also very nice to see. And if you can fit the seat in harmony with the car, you will be very comfortable sitting in the seat. Some sports seats can also help you a lot in driving your car in the right place. Some sports seat manufacturers have written in advance about the construction of seats, saying that these seats are not valid for road use because the seats are mainly made for race decoration. The seats that companies like Riccardo make are valid for use on ordinary roads. Before using the seat, make sure that the airbag space in the car factory seatbelt is not closed. Of course, the airbag can be used.

The sportscar seat is as beautiful to look at as it is comfortable to sit on.

4. Changing the color of the car

The color of the car certainly depends on a person’s taste. You can make the color of your choice in the car. Or you can make vinyl wrap (a type of plastic). It doesn’t look like you want to change the color of your car and change the look of the car. Many times car thieves do this by stealing cars. These are the things to keep in mind when changing the color of a car. Painting the car with a professional mechanic will cost a bit more. And if you want to paint yourself, it will take a lot of time. But make sure that the environment around you is not polluted while modifying/painting such a car.

The blue color but fits a lot in the car.

5. Window glass tint

Many people use black/red stickers on their cars but it is not legal to use such stickers. This is also a type of car modification. The use of such tint stickers is prohibited in some countries. In order to use such a sticker, the driver must show a medical document as proof. In some countries, there are traffic laws that do not allow the use of tint stickers on the front or two side windows of a vehicle that reflects the vehicle coming from the front. Glass tint is marked as invalid even if it can be seen completely inside the car. In some countries, you may even be allowed to use a tint sticker. The method of measuring tint is based on how much light can enter through the tinted glass. In some countries, tinted glass is not completely banned but is allowed to be used in some parts.

Black tint on car glass.

6. Nitrous oxide or NOS

Another thing that people do as a modification of the car is to increase the speed of the car using nitrous oxide or NOS. If you have ever seen a car race movie, you must know how to increase the speed of a car in a very unusual way. This method is the most popular because it is the cheapest and cheapest. Nitrous oxide temporarily increases the amount of oxygen in the engine. As a result, more fuel is consumed and car speeds increase. In some countries the use of this nitrous oxide is legal but in some countries, it is strictly prohibited. Bottles containing nitrous oxide cannot be connected to the system. Because according to some people it is not safe to have nitrous oxide in the car.

Nitrous oxide bottled car.

7. Neon lights on the bottom of the car

In some countries, neon lights are completely banned. Especially the red or blue lights. Because the cars coming from the opposite side have difficulty in seeing the front due to neon lights. Other colored lights can be used though. And this neon light changes the whole decor of the car. It looks very interesting at night. Those who like to decorate their car a lot can try some neon lights.

The neon light is very nice to look at.

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