Prohori will minimize a great deal of yearly cost!

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Many cars simultaneously
Prohori track effortlessly

Where is the car?

(You have responsibility to take care of many vehicles together, suddenly you want to know where a specific car is at , but the problem is you can’t depend on the driver)

Your problem, Prohori solution

  • Live tracking- You can find the location of any vehicle immediately by searching the vehicle number in the Prohori portal.

How to know update of
so many cars?
Ask Prohori –
Whatever the number!

How to track so many cars individually?

(Your responsibility as a fleet manager is to make reports for each and every car, and it is important to have a clear idea about each of your vehicles)

Your Headache, Prohori Relief

  • Daily Summary – All information of every car will be sent automatically to your mobile phone at the end of each day.

Which driver used
how much fuel?
Know now
asking Prohori!

How much fuel left? when to refill?

(Most of the time fuel cost gets maximized while maintaining many cars at the same time. And sometimes your vehicle may drop dead in the middle of the street for inadequate fuel, it is important to have a clear estimate of each vehicle’s fuel level)

Prohori will provide you all the data needed for fuel management

  • Fuel monitoring system- You will get all the answers on how much fuel you have spent on, how much fuel you are saving, by just a click on your smartphone.

When the car arrives
Prohori will notify

Did the car reach its destination?

(When monitoring many cars simultaneously, a fleet manager may not be able to keep track of all the vehicle information at the same time, but it is important to know whether a certain vehicle reached a specific destination or not)

Keep faith on Prohori in the time of rush

  • Destination Alert-By setting Destination Alert you will get a confirmation SMS when a vehicle reach its destination.

Can’t depend on the driver?
Make Prohori your neighbour

Is the driver lying to me?

(The car is in Gabtoli but the driver is saying Mohakhali! In this type of scenario, it is difficult for the Fleet Manager to trust the driver and make a specific decision)

Prohori will tell you the truth

  • Live tracking- A Fleet Manager via Real Time Live Tracking from Prohori will get clear ideas about the location of any of his vehicles.

Tired of doing
manual calculation?
Digital Graph has
complete information

Impossible to keep estimate of accounts without writing it all down?

(It is very time consuming to maintain all the data manually, but very much needed to compare the performance of different drivers.)

Forget Manual Calculation, Sign Prohori up

  • Daily summary- At the end of each day all information of all vehicles will be sent automatically to your mobile phone inbox via sms.
  • Mileage Report- The report of how many kilometers traveled on a route will be available in Prohori.
  • Driver ranking- At the end of the month, the drivers’ automatic ranking can be found in different metric such as AC, fuel, mileage, etc.

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