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Unilever Bangladesh Limited
Energypac Power Generation Ltd.
Sundarban Courier Service
PDS Multinational Group
International Rice Research Institute
HAMS Group
VU Mobile Ltd.
AG food
Drug International Limited
Mir Group
L&T construction
Sojen Motors (BD) Ltd.
Sahabah Solutions
Talisman Energy
Dana Group
ADN Technologies Limited
Navana Group
Hotel Purbani Int. Ltd.
Avis Rent a Car
Instrumentation Engineers Ltd
Elite Group
Barter Agro
Build Asia
Jotey Sharee
Perfect Pack
Eastern Bank Ltd.
Younus Group
Wedding Diary

What our clients say


Fatima Khanam

Pacific Limited

Alhamdulillah, Prohori’s service is very good. I do not use all the features, Such as AC On/Off, I do not need it. GPS Tracking I need more, And I get a very good result. I think other services will be used soon. Especially I’m very interested in audio spying. Good luck for Prohori.


Shamim Hasnat

Pandora Limited

I think Prohori is good. Just saying good will be wrong, quite good. Because I took Prohori for the purpose (For live tracking) My job is being right. I am not using other features because I can not say about that. But their activities seem to be better than other features. Good luck to you on behalf of Prohori.


Alam Khan

Messrs Alam Traders

Occasionally there is a problem of disconnection due to the network, Although it’s not the device, Because of the network. Considering all aspects, Prohori is a good tracking device. In one voice, I am getting 25% of the problem due to the problem of the device being 25%, But it is due to mobile networks and temporarily.