Prohori Quiz Contest: Win Free Vehicle Tracker with Correct Answers!

Do you have a car, but worried about the car? Sometimes it seems, it would be better to have a Prohori in the car like home? That will take care of the car all day!

To be worried or to feel. In other words- the turn of the car and the turn of the elephant is the same thing! Because, raising an elephant is a lot of suffering, a lot of costs. There are also many costs involved in proper car maintenance. There are also car safety and security concerns.

Sometimes the hobby’s valuable car is stolen! With this, the tension of cost is a daily companion. On top of that, any member of your family has gone somewhere with a car bought for your family needs. Whether he is safe while traveling is also a matter of tension. Although accidents are a matter of luck, car owners are also concerned about accidents. But with a little awareness and intelligent use of technology, it is possible to get rid of all the tension!

Wondering what is the smart way to stay tensionless with the car!


There is a way, using a vehicle tracker in the car. If you use GPS technology-based vehicle tracker in the car, the car will always be under your surveillance. You can track almost all types of your valuable car from anywhere in the world through mobile! A vehicle tracker can be used to track the car at any time (a mobile app can be seen where the car is). As a result, the tension of car theft is relieved.

If the car goes at over speed, the Prohori will inform with a notification. Then from a distance, you can avoid the possibility of an accident by turning off the engine via mobile message. It is impossible to steal oil if you use a Prohori! Due to this, the fuel monitoring system can be used to see when the car is being filled with oil, how much is being used, and how much is left. No need to spend phone bills again and again. Again, many can not believe the driver’s words. As a result, the cost is reduced and a nice transparent relationship is created with the driver. The condition of the vehicle is known in the form of a report at the end of the day.

Quiz! Answer! Win the prize!

The Prohori is giving you a great opportunity to remove so much tension! Participate in the Prohori Quiz Contest and win a Prohori Vehicle Tracker (with Light Package)! *Write your name, email, phone number, and car model in the information form at the end of this post along with the correct answer to the quiz given in the picture below. Three winners will get all the interesting prizes through the lottery!

First Prize: A Prohori Vehicle Tracker with Light Package (Installation Free)

Second prize: a car cover

Third prize: a car back-seat organizer

Then why delay, participate yourself, ask your friends who use cars to take part in the quiz. If you are lucky you can also get a free vehicle tracking system!


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