5 Best Vehicle Trackers of 2017

Ideas about Vehicle Tracker are essential for a car owner.

As VTS is comparatively new in Bangladesh, perhaps none of the Best Vehicle Tracker has yet arrived to judge that. So this effort on the part of Prohori. Even if we don’t know the best in the country, we have a little idea about the Worldwide Best Vehicle Tracking System. This post ranks No-Contract Vehicle Tracker ranking according to amazon.com-

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

Vehicle Tracker Spy Tec GL300 with the most 5 Star Reviews on Amazon.com.

It’s a matchbox-sized VTS. Can confirm the position of the device within 15 feet. The price is about $50, and the monthly subscription is $25. With the help of magnets can be attached to the body of the car.

MOTOsafety Vehicle Monitoring System

Good for monitoring personal car drivers. Convenient for location tracking as well as unit tracking speed, hurricane braking, and rapid acceleration monitoring. Report cards and customer reports reduce user insurance rates by about 30%. Motosafety is to be connected to the diagnostic port below the vehicle dashboard.

Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker

Vectu can be used wherever there is a 2G cellular network in the world. According to VTS Reviewing website Safewise, The Vectu is the best in terms of GPS Accuracy and Battery Life. It is a portable device. Which can be fitted to any part of the car. The price is about 100 US dollars. And the annual charge is $50.

MasTrack Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

MasTrack is actually a lot like a car personal technician. Attached to the diagnostic port at the bottom of the dashboard. In addition to the location, MasTrack shows some advanced info on how long the car has been sitting. It has a notification system for proper care of the vehicle. Sends notifications when the oil needs to be taken, or what is the current status of the AC. It costs more than other VTS. The installation fee is $300. However, in its first year, there is no corner monthly charge.

Optimus Real-Time GPS Tracker

Best 2.7 inch Optimus Tracker for secret surveillance of drivers. The car owner’s personal account is always up to date. This Vehicle Tracker also gives instructions on which way the car will be better. Optimus service is available in many countries around the world. Monthly fees range from $19.95 to $35. The installation charge is about $100.




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