How to drive in the rain (Last episode)

Driving in the rain can be very difficult to see, especially after dusk. Then the vision decreases a lot while driving. As a result, it is difficult to drive at that time. And so it is better to know some useful things if you do not want to read in unwanted situations. Here are some important tips on keeping your eyesight on a rainy day.

Turn on the windshield wipers

If your car does not have automatic wipers, you need to turn it on manually. Windshield wipers on rainy days have three settings slow, medium, and fast. You need to understand the type of rain and use the speed accordingly. In this case, work according to your judgment. If you have rear windshield wipers in your car during the rain, turn them on too.

Replace the windshield wiper if necessary

If the wiper blade gets rusty, bent, or corroded. Then replace it as soon as possible. Use good quality wiper blades. Especially those that are waterproof. If any part of the windshield does not touch the wiper, then it must be understood that the wiper is bent or is giving uneven pressure somewhere. In this case, you can change the wiper blade by looking at the manual or according to the advice of the experts.

Keep the windshield clean

With windshield wipers sometimes the car glass is not completely clean. Many times dirt accumulates. In that case, the windshield should be cleaned well. If you can, do it with a professional. Also, the wiper blades need to be kept clean. Dirty blades can stain and retain water. This is why wipers blades need to be kept clean with regular windshield washer fluid.

Turn on the car headlights

Headlights will enhance your vision when driving on a cloudy day. It is better to keep the headlights on even in the rain during the day. Because it will make it easier for other drivers to see you. Many headlights have different types of settings. You need to choose the right option for your car. For example, when you drive in the dark in the light rain. Just then you need to use the brightest headlight setting. It is also important to use fog lights when driving in fog and rain.

Clean the headlights

Wash and clean your car’s headlights. They may not shine as brightly as before. As a result, it can greatly reduce your vision when it rains. So clean the car headlights regularly. Whenever the headlights look dirty, clean them.

Clean the headlights with sandpaper

You can use sandpaper to clean the headlights well. In that case, soak a piece of parchment paper in cold water for a while. Then cover the other parts with tape, sprinkle with water and continue to clean with sandpaper. In this case, even if you do not do a deep clean routine. When it feels like the headlights aren’t getting dirty in normal cleaning, you can do it.

Turn on the Demister

The difference in temperature inside and outside the car can be seen during rain. Which causes fog on the car glass. Which causes problems in looking around and in front. So to get rid of this problem, turn on the Demister.

Do not follow the bus or truck

Do not follow buses or trucks on the road in the rain. When these big cars run in the rain, a lot of water is sprinkled around which reduces visibility. So try to keep as much distance from them as possible. If these have to be bypassed, do so quickly and carefully. And it is better to try to move away from the back of the big car. Because they sprinkle water on the moving path and blur the vision a lot.

Use polarized glass and walk slowly

If polarized glass falls on a rainy day, it will increase the visibility. But it won’t work at night. Also if you slow down the car you will have more time to see the front view. In this case, if you reduce the speed to see the front view, at least about 12 seconds longer than before. And so the speed of the car must be reduced while driving in the rain.

It is very important to take good care of the surrounding environment during the rainy season. Make sure everything is under your control and you can see everything clearly. And that’s why you have to keep the headlights of the car clean regularly. And every three months the wipers will have to change. You can also take the help of a VTS tracker for vehicle safety and security. Rainy days or nights, always be safe.


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