The Prohori customer service in Eid holidays!

Mr. Imran spends a lot of time behind his business as he has a rental car business. Even when everyone was preparing to return home for Eid, Mr. Imran was counting down the hours to finish his work. He will go home to celebrate Eid with his two children and wife. Her parents are in the village, and her children are eagerly waiting to celebrate Eid with their grandparents. Meanwhile, his wife has arranged everything necessary. Yet he could not get up in time. One day after Eid, we have to reach the village.

On the occasion of Eid, the demand for cars rented by Mr. Imran was also high. One Teknaf of five cars is another Tetulia. One is Chittagong and the other is Khulna. With the exception of one, all the moons have been rented till nightfall. People are going to celebrate Eid with their loved ones by renting their cars. Even if he thinks about it, he does a good job in his mind. He always tries to satisfy people with his rental car service. He believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success in his business. You have to look for all the vehicles every minute. But he was worried about how to get home for Eid.

Although he is not having any problem to keep track of the car. Because he has installed Prohori vehicle tracking service in four of his five vehicles. Since then his rental car business has improved. He is also comfortable with the cars. Because he can easily see which car, when, which part of the country is in the smart app of the Prohori. The Prohori’s live tracking service gives the perfect location of his vehicle. As well as how fast a car is moving, how many ways it is crossing, everything is available in a pie-to-pie calculation in the mobile. You can see for yourself through the fuel monitoring system of the Prohori tracker how much oil is in a car. Unnecessary costs have decreased, profits have increased! He is also satisfied with the customer customer service in case of any need.

The members of the customer service team are also serving the customers on the day of Eid.

The cars in which the Prohoris were installed were rented till the Eid moon night. So he was thinking of going to the village for Eid in the empty car. But the tension was working in his mind. If he doesn’t have internet in the village, how can he keep track of his other vehicles? So before making a decision, the Prohori called the customer service center.

According to the Prohori Customer Care, the Prohori Customer Service provides round-the-clock service throughout the summer-rainy, Eid-Puja year-round, and even on all festive holidays. So relying on the Prohori, he left a car for his own use.

The next morning Mr. Imran woke up with a phone call. The caller wants to rent a car to go home on Eid. Mr. Imran was in a dilemma whether to rent the car he had left for himself. He believes that if you can serve people even in difficult times, a business will improve. So he thought he would go home by bus, but the car would benefit people. But he does not have vehicle tracking installed in his car yet. If you rent a car, how do you keep track of it?

Immediately the Prohori called the customer service center again. He told us about his problem. He asked if it was possible to install the device in his car the day before Eid. Here too, with his help, the Prohori customer service came forward. Realizing the demand of the client, the team Prohori assured to install a Prohori in his car even on the day before Eid. After getting confirmation from the Prohori, he rented the car. He desperately bought a bus ticket for himself.

Installation of prohori vehicle tracking device in the vehicle.

On the eve of Eid, the Prohori installation team went to his garage in his car and installed the Prohori device. After that he rented a car and got on the bus at night to go to the village for Eid.

Eid means joy. And if this joy is shared, it increases many times more. The client is happy to get the car at the last minute. Mr. Imran is happy that his car is benefiting the people. And to put a smile of joy on the faces of both of them, the Prohori vehicle tracking service and the Prohori customer care have worked relentlessly even on the day of Eid.

The Prohori Vehicle Tracking Service has ensured a peaceful Eid by removing the wrinkles on the foreheads of the customers who were worried about the car while going to Eid. Customers can count on this departure from the Prohori customer service team. The main goal of Customer Customer Service is to provide excellent service to the customer at all times.

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