Track all of your vehicles at the same time

  • Live Tracking
  • AC on / off Notification
  • Fuel Monitoring!
  • Geo Fence
  • Driver Ranking
  • Destination Alert!
  • Web portal
  • iOS App
  • Android App
Fleet Management
Tension 1

What If my car gets stolen?

(Nowadays incidents about cars getting stolen are often heard around us, so safety from thieves should be the prime concern as a car owner)

Prohori will ensure protection from Car theft !

  • Engine lock: Turn off the engine Via SMS if the car is stolen . To see this feature check Basic Package.
  • Loud Horn: Loud horn will give the thief a heart attack immediately after stealing. To see this feature check Standard Package.
  • Live tracking: Through live tracking you can constantly monitor your car. To see this feature check Basic Package.
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Tension 2

How do I know if the AC is on or off?

(Not all of us a have a trustworthy driver. What if the driver is unnecessarily enjoying the AC)

Prohori will provide all information related to AC

  • AC On / Off Notification: AC on off status will provide you total estimation of AC usage in your vehicle. To see this feature check Standard Package.
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Tension 3

Why is fuel level questionably low?

(Just refilled yesterday, didn’t travel much, but fuel condition telling otherwise?)

Prohori will solve the fuel equation!

  • Mileage Report: Know when and how much you traveled- at a glance! To see this feature check Premium Package.
  • Fuel monitoring system (upcoming): When, where and how much fuel was used? See exact fuel consumption report. To see this feature check Premium Package.
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Tension 4

Why the sudden rise of monthly cost?

(Level of cost may vary every other month, but isn’t it unusual a sudden high increase?)

Prohori is here to save your cost!

  • Mileage Report: Prohori can save the mileage report for 1 year on how many kilometers the car was actually driven.
  • Fuel monitoring system: When, where and how much fuel is spent.
  • Daily Summary: All day travel report, fuel consumption rate, total number of times the engine or AC was turned on / off, even how many times the doors were opened, Prohori will let you know through Automatic Daily summary SMS.
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Tension 5

Did your child reach school on time?

(You are busy at the office and sent your child at school with the driver, but not sure whether they are there yet or not!)

Prohori – your safeguard!

  • Destination Alert: You can find out whether your car has reached the destination on time. To see this feature check Standard Package.
  • Live tracking: Through Live Tracking, you can also know when driver reached your child’s school. To see this feature check Basic Package.
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Tension 6

Is the driver maintaining speed limit?

(Drivers are never allowed harsh driving, but do they remember that always?)

Avoid risk using Onnorokom Prohori

  • Speed Violation Alert: You will get notified as soon as the car is moving faster than your tied speed
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Tension 7

Need to review the routes and destination?

(Your driver may not follow the route you intend him to follow. What if he is using different routes for his own purpose?)

Prohori – The road map of your car

  • Travel History Monitoring: You can see the routes that your driver uses by one click in your mobile phone.
  • Live tracking: See Real Time route map.
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Tension 8

What if the driver is in danger?

(Danger never come with prior notice, your driver and vehicle can drive into accident anytime anywhere!)

Prohori will maximize safety

  • Panic Button: If the driver is in danger, panic button will help him to inform you.
  • Audio spying: You can hear what’s going on the car by high quality audio spy feature.
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Tension 9

What if the driver is misusing your car?

(Many drivers take passenger when driving alone without informing the owner)

Onnorokom Prohori, Your car caretaker.

  • Live tracking: Real time tracking to know where the car is.
  • Engine on/off notification: Know when and how many times the engine was turned on or off.
  • Door Open Alert: Know where and when the car door is open.
  • Audio spying: You can hear what’s going on the car by prohori audio spy feature.
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OnnoRokom Prohori
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What our clients say


Fatima Khanam

Pacific Limited

Alhamdulillah, Prohori’s service is very good. I do not use all the features, Such as AC On/Off, I do not need it. GPS Tracking I need more, And I get a very good result. I think other services will be used soon. Especially I’m very interested in audio spying. Good luck for Prohori.


Shamim Hasnat

Pandora Limited

I think Prohori is good. Just saying good will be wrong, quite good. Because I took Prohori for the purpose (For live tracking) My job is being right. I am not using other features because I can not say about that. But their activities seem to be better than other features. Good luck to you on behalf of Prohori.


Alam Khan

Messrs Alam Traders

Sometimes the device gets disconnected due to poor cellular network. Since, it is not the device’s fault, I would say, Prohori meets up my need and demand more than 75%. The rest are depended on the condition of mobile network. After all, Prohori is one of the top tire VEHICLE TRACKING SERVICE providers In Bangladesh.

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