How to get rid of bad smell in car?

Car is the transport where people usually want to travel comfortably. Personal cars are mostly use for easy and relax movements. When you feel uncomfortable by travelling in your car then your whole trip will destroy. The reason can be the bad smells in your car. Bad smell can grow for various reasons. Today we will know how to find the source of the bad smell and how to get rid of it. There is some effective tips o get rid of bad smell in car.

Try to find the source of the smell

If you are facing any kind of bad smell in your car then at first, you have to find the source of the bad smell. If you can’t find it then it will be very hard to reduce it.

Sweet smell

If there is any sweet smell, then you have to understand that there are some leakages in heater of the car. At first it smells sweet but after some days the smell will become very unbearable. That’s why you have to find the sources of the sweet smell and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Old and damage smell

If there are leakages in window or some other place then it can be the smell of damage. You should find the problem fast and recover it quickly.


you need to understand the smell

Smell sour

If the clutch is burned or broken then the sour smell will come out. In this case you should remove or change the clutch immediately.

Smell of sulfur

When manual transmission or transfer case oil getting old by using more than one year then it will smell like rotten egg.

Smell of gas

If you are getting some smell of gas after starting off the engine then if might be some leakages, that should be recover fast.

Burning smell

If the oils are continuously dropping out from the car then you will get some burning smell.

smoking coming from any burning parts

The places you should clean inside the car 

Sometimes after cleaning the car some bad smells remain in it. You have to clean some important part of the car regularly.

Under the seat

People usually don’t see the seat below but the place should be clean in regular basis.

Under the Matt or carpet

The carpet and matt are the place where dust and bad smell grow constantly . you should clean these things every day and should change it in every six or eight months.

Cup holder

Where you usually keep the bottle or other things is known as cup holder. People keep various things in a cup holder and the cup holder become very dirty and can be bad smells in it. while cleaning inside the car you should clean cup holder properly.


cleaning the cup board is must

Dash board

While travelling we use to keep all of our unnecessary things on the dash board. So when you clean your car you should clean the dash board first.

Bad smell in ash tray

Try not to smoke in the car. If someone smokes and using the ash tray then after using it you should clean it properly, either the smell will become unbearable.

Steering wheel

Car is control by the steering wheel the most. The steering wheel becomes very dirty in the whole car. The sweat and other things from drivers


steering wheel is the main thing that control the car

hand and make the steering wheel dirtier.  You should clean and make a cover in it.

Inside the seat pocket

We keep many unnecessary things in a seat pocket and make it dirty but it should be clean every time after using.

Gloves compartment

Gloves compartment should clean while cleaning the car.

Inside the trunk

You should take care inside the trunk of a car . you should notice that junk shouldn’t store in it.

Foldable Middle seat

There is always a fold able seat in every car. The fold able seat becomes dirty easily. You should clean it properly while cleaning the car.


fold able seats

Other way get rid of the bad smells

Sometimes we clean the car properly but still it spread bad smells. Let’s see how you can reduce the bad smell after washing and cleaning the car.


Maximum types of dirt and mud stuck in the cloths inside the car. By using vacuum cleaner we can make the car clean and smell good.

Air freshener

Air freshener is a good way to get rid from any kind of bad smells in car and home as well.

White vinegar

White vinegar is the most effective things for reduce bad smells. You can make an air freshener by mixing water and vinegar by shaking in a bottle. It works like a natural anti bacteria and anti-fungal for the car. Any kind of spot in cloth or in leather can be removing by these mixers the bad smell of ciggarete can also decrease.

Essential oil

You can make a bad smell reducer in home easily. You just need some essential oil and water to make it.

Baking soda kitty litter

Baking soda with kitty litter can make a very good smell reducer. Kitty litter is the cleaner of animal waste.


By spreading some activated charcoal you can easily get rid of bad smell in any place. The effective way to get rid of smell of food, bacteria or smell of sweat.


It can be found in any super shop where you can buy animal foods. It is expensive but can be used in two or three times.

Carpet cleaner

Various kind of carpet cleaner can found in super shops. Carpet cleaner can be used for reducing bad smells.

Ozone shock treatment

Ozone shock treatment is the last of all. By using ozone treatment insects can be killed and all the bad smells will reduce.


ozone shock treatment

Help of professionals

If you are facing the problem in huge way then it is the time for taking the help of any professionals.

You should always try to keep your car clean and free from bad smell .If you are driving in a peaceful environment then you will definitely enjoy your journey.


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