5 Fleet Management Problems Only a Good VTS Can Solve

A Fleet manager has to deal with lot of challenges every day for maintaining the total fleet system.  A higher level of multitasking ability is required for them to handle all their daily challenges. However, as the world is going forward with the help of technology, people from every sector are also coping up with the advanced technological improvement in their working areas. Fleet management system has also been tied up with the technological advancement by vehicle tracking device in the fleet. Hence it is making fleet management easy and solving the critical problems which were hard to handle before. Here are 5 Fleet management Problems only a good VTS can solve.

Identifying Slacker Drivers:

Drivers are the key to run you fleet. If you want them to perform at their best they also need some break from work.  Oppositely long breaks or unnecessary slacking is a risk for your optimum business outcome. How you can be sure which driver is performing well and which are slacking? Unless you do not have data on your hand, you cannot blame them with proof. Prohori vehicle tracking system can solve this issue so nicely. You can schedule your fleet among the drivers and you will have the record of the trips and breaks of the driver just in your smartphone!! So Goodbye Slackers.

Rowdy Driving and Driver:

You may have some awesome drivers in your fleet system. But how they are behaving in front of you and how they are operating your fleet on the road are two different things.  Some drivers are well behaved but they are reckless on the road. This is a very risky behavior for both of your car and product. But you can easily track both of these and monitor driver behavior by a Vehicle tracking system. You will be able to find good drivers too and give them reward for their good quality conversely; you will be able to bad drivers and assist them with required training.

Cost of fleet Management:

The common headache of the fleet managers is the cost of their fleet management system. Fuel and maintenance cost are the prime cause of their headache. How much fuel is being used and how long the vehicle are running, how much fuel is remaining- all these tensions are orbiting in their head. Use vehicle tracking system the fleet and see how your work load and tension gets reduced. You can both tour vehicle and fuel from the tracker app. It will help to reduce fuel cost and workload at the same time!

Time Management:

When it comes to business, money means times in several ways. So wasting means the waste of money in other words. In many ways, time can be wasted specifically when you have to deal with multiple numbers of drivers on the road every day. A vehicle tracking system will allow you to map tour optimum route, efficiency in dispatching drivers for the delivery.  The total fleet management will be in your hand and will be easy to handle the management process. It results the optimum use of your fleet regarding time and money.

Customer happiness:

Customer satisfaction is the first place for business growth. So for the well-being of your business you must have to maintain customer’s satisfaction in a mannered way. If you put customer’s satisfaction on the first place you have to be delivering your product on the right time first. Other things remaining the same, it is a great chance to grab your customers’ attention by maintaining the time. A vehicle tracking system combined with your fleet can help you in this case and the solution will be best. You can schedule your fleet according to the time table.

In our country the best way to solve fleet management problems is to keep a good relationship with the drivers. Prohori will always be by your side to understand what drivers are wanting and which step you need to follow for taking everything of fleet management under your control. So if you are a smart fleet manager one step away to reduce your workload and time and cost. To get benefited by a vehicle tracker just call Prohori!


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