Car battery down? If you knew 5 simple tricks, the car would not stop in the middle!

While crossing the road, the car battery suddenly stopped and the car was no longer running. There is no car servicing center or petrol pump in the vicinity. You are in great danger. If the car does not reach the destination at the right time, if there is a possibility of any kind of damage, then your bad luck. But in other words, the solution to big problems is very small. Just like that, remembering a few small tricks as a solution to the great dangers of car batteries can easily avoid both danger and embarrassment.

1. Turn on the battery with aspirin

Aspirin is known to almost everyone. Many also keep it to themselves at all times to get rid of instant headaches. This tablet, widely known as headache medicine, will reduce headaches; If your car battery runs off in a hurry, that headache will also be reduced. As he drove, he saw the battery of the car down. There is no one around to help you. If the battery suddenly goes down, buy two aspirins from a nearby pharmacy and leave them in the battery. The acetylide in aspirin, combined with the sulfuric acid in the battery, will help generate a small charge. However, not far away, as soon as the car starts, go to the nearest servicing station.

2. The battery will run on Epsom salt

Is your car battery sounding like it won’t last? Do you think the battery will not work the next time you start the car? In this case, to make the car battery a little more alive, mix one ounce of Epsom salt in hot water and put it in each cell of the car battery. This solution will conduct electrolytes in the car battery. As a result, the battery will run.

When the car stopped in the middle of the road, it was easy to know what to do immediately. Here are some simple tricks that will reduce the hassle of running out of battery in the middle of the car.

3. Prevent rusting of battery terminals with baking soda

Is the car battery terminal rusty? Many times the connection of the battery gets loose due to rust. Sometimes the battery runs out quickly and in some cases accidents can be caused by electric sparks. First clean by rubbing well with a brush. Then mix three tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of hot water to make a mixer, brush again with this mixer. Then wipe well with a towel. Next, wipe the ends of the terminals with a little petroleum jelly on another cloth to prevent rust.

4. Clean the battery with soda / cold drinks

In addition to baking soda, drinking soda also helps prevent rust on the car’s battery terminals. The carbic acid in drinking soda helps prevent rust. But where do you get this soda? This soda is present in all the carbonated cold drinks available in the market. So, if the battery is down due to rust, pour some soft drink in it and wipe it well with a dry cloth.

5. Petroleum jelly will keep the car battery well

We all use petroleum jelly to keep our skin healthy in winter. In addition to skin problems in winter, your car battery also has various problems. In winter the electrical resistance and engine oil become thicker. As a result, the car battery needs to expend more energy to work. Many times the battery terminals rust. Petroleum jelly can solve these problems in winter. Check the car battery before winter comes completely. Disconnect the terminals and reconnect and apply petroleum jelly at the junction. Rest assured the whole winter.

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