Car Security and Taka saving Tips for 2019

Do you have a car? If yes, we do know very well that your main tension point is about car security and the money saving for the maintenance. Once you have got a car for your luxury, you will always be aware about keep it save and minimize the cost. But being a little bit tricky you can manage to solve both tensions easily. Let’s have a glance on some car security and money saving tips for your car.

Inflate tyres with right compression:

Did you recognize that properly inflated tyres will scale back fuel consumption by three percent? Tyres lose regarding one Psi per month, notably in winter with the cold air. Check your tyre pressure once a month and presently journeys.

Reverse and save:

Reversing into automobile areas can save every money and wear and tear on the engine. By deed the auto inform among the proper direction for consecutive journey the engine will use less fuel as a result of it warms up from a cold begin.

Clean wipers, not by replacing:

A light little bit of rain hits the windshield and you switch on the wipers and what you get is one massive smear. To prevent this smearing attempt cleanup your wipers instead of substitution them. Merely wipe the rubber blade to clean with hot saponaceous water. Once you clean off the soap wipe the blades with lotion.

Clean windscreen by yourself:

The interior of your windshield may be a magnet for dirt and oily film, which cause visibility issues once driving into oncoming headlights or direct daylight. Employing a squeegee on the inside windshield can produce a watery mess, thus use a clean small fiber fabric and circular motion for a huge improvement with simply water, or blue glass cleaner. Keep in mind to spray the cleaner directly onto the fabric, and not onto the glass, to avoid spillages on the dash and discoloration of the plastic or vinyl.

Keep rubbish at bay:

Use a cereal box-sized Tupperware can or box for your rubbish. Merely line with a bag for simple disposal at a gasoline station or home. The cover on the Tupperware box can contain any smells and leakages.

Spruce up your headlights:

To clean cloudy headlights use dentifrice. Apply dentifrice to the headlamp cowl and use lots of grease to rub it everywhere. Wash with water. Change of color dentifrice is usually recommended, for that movie-star shine.

Repair small scratches:

Every automobile picks up its justifiable share of scratches and marks. These will simply be fastened with nail varnish that matches your car’s color. An excellent excuse for men to hold cosmetic, if ever they required one. Use a lightweight bit, with a bit varnish and apply with care.

Cat Litter:

A combine of on-trend heavyweight socks full of cat litter can absorb wetness and forestall the windows from fogging up. Place the sock on your dashboard the night before and for max result use a extremely absorbent litter. Conjointly use the litter if your automobile gets stuck in ice or snow: merely pour the cat litter beneath your wheels for traction and chase away.

Use Prohori:

Prohori is one of the best vehicle tracking service in Bangladesh. It is entirely designed domestically and to solve the local problems like fuel theft, car berks in, unethical driving. Prohori provides more than 20 features including live tracking, speed monitoring, fuel monitoring, door lock notification. Once you install a Prohori device in you car you will be able to keep your car under proper surveillance. By monitoring your car all day all night, the car security will be ensured and money savings will come through the less loss and more productivity and optimizing your fuel consumption.


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