Car Safety Tips for Risk Free Driving

Car safety is not simply ensuring most are carrying their seat-belt. Whether or not you’re going for an extended trip or simply round the corner, these automotive safety tips area unit bound to be of facilitate.

1. If you’re de-icing your windows ne’er use quandary; it may cause the glass to crack and shatter.

2. After a snow check that to remove your automotive mirrors, head and taillights and registration code before driving.

3. Unoccupied kid booster seats will become projectiles during a automotive accident. Once not in use, store them within the trunk or buckle them in with a seatbelt to create certain they’re secure.

4. Keep your car’s trunk and/or hatch barred and secured in the least times.

5. When travel on a road trip, check that your vehicle isn’t a target for thievery. Never leave road maps in plain sight and store bags in your sleeping room at nighttime.

6. Test your garage door’s reverse detector often by inserting a roll of paper towels within the door’s path. If the door doesn’t instantly reverse when contacting the roll, get the door repaired.

7. Did you know? There are 3 main kinds of distracted driving: Visual (taking your eyes off the road), manual (taking hands off the wheel) and psychological feature (taking your mind off what you’re doing.)

8. According to the Department of route Safety and cars, you shouldn’t leave your automotive in controller once driving late at nighttime or once you’re tired. If you doze off at the wheel, your automotive may crash at the speed assail the car’s controller.

9. The National Safety Council reports that concerning each half-hour somebody is killed in associate degree alcohol-related crash within the road. Each 2 minutes, somebody is separated. Never drink and drive; forever take a taxi or prepare for alternate transportation.

10. While going for a long journey, or even going to the work place, be sure about your cars security. Everyday on an average 2 cars are being stolen in Bangladesh. To avoid car theft you should have installed a vehicle tracking system in your car. Prohori is one of the smartest vehicle tracking system in Bangladesh.

For additional articles on the way to higher prepare yourself and your white-haired ones on the road or reception, look at our different safety tips about home security, kid safety and additional.


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